Challenge: Make Laundrapp a brand name to remember.


Insight: Laundry is dull.


Proposition: Take a load off with Laundrapp.


Solution: Enjoy Life Without Laundry.



Picture this, you’re out walking, butt naked, the way nature intended. It feels good, doesn’t it? Your clothes? Gone, no need to worry about them anymore. You’re walking a path free from the shackles of monotonous ironing sound-tracked by the dull rumble of the dryer. Gone are the creased shirts, spaghetti-stained jeans and… less than perfect underwear. Why? Because Laundrapp is the all the new way of having dry cleaning and laundry brought to your door. With a single tap, download a life of freedom from the app store today. Laundrapp. Enjoy life without laundry.